Any problem? We will be straight back and rectify it!

We’re local window cleaners, we live and work in the south east Kent area and so our teams have recognisable faces and love to build relationships with our customers. You are the reason that we do what we do, and we do it excellently. We’re professionals.

National chains may clean windows but they can’t expect to have the local knowledge of geography, communities, a who’s who of people in Kent or to be anything more than a faceless uniformed window cleaning services provider who’ll disappear and another operative team will be sent out the next time your windows need cleaning.

We pride ourselves on being local and charging local rates so we offer a cost effective solution to customers whether they are residential or commercial and we also believe that we are supporting the local community and its prosperity by staying in our part of Kent.

As a firm we cover the south east of the county including Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Thanet, Sandwich and Whitstable and we’ll grow to know you as residential or commercial customers, your premises layout inside and out; remember we offer interior and exterior window cleaning services, and if you need us to look at the cleanliness of your gutters, fascias, cladding or soffits, we will happily take on those tasks too.

In an age when security is paramount our recognisability is an asset, you’ll be able to let operatives in to the building without making additional security checks and arrangements.

We also believe that by working within local communities we provide the highest customer service levels, you aren’t a name on a job sheet, you see us regularly and trust is garnered, so we’re value for money, committed and reliable.

This all sounds great but what happens if one of our customers isn’t happy for whatever reason with their window cleaning services?

Perhaps you may believe that we’ve missed a window or could have done it a bit better, then we can quickly return to your house or commercial premises and correct any unintentional blips.

We’re on your doorstep and not based in London or further afield. A problem will be resolved that day, no excuses, no prevaricating, no fruitless debates or denials, we’ll just pop back, do what’s needed and ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Without you, we wouldn’t have windows to clean, that makes you special to us. We value the decision you made to hire us, a local firm instead of opting for one of the big chains who don’t support the local economy and employment market.

We’re insured up to £5 million so should there be an incident or accident we’re covered, we are forward thinking professionals who are driven to deliver to your satisfaction and peace of mind, even if that means returning to site to meet your approval.

We strive to deliver and if we don’t we want to rectify this immediately.