We can make the exterior of your house sparkle!

You’ve had your house windows expertly cleaned and they are impressive, sparkling proudly in the sunlight with no streaks, spots or smears and the view is delightful. You can only hope that the snooty neighbour three houses down the road sees your house in all its splendour and turns green with envy.

Then you glance upwards and your broad smile is replaced by a sigh and a frown. It’s your conservatory roof, left untouched it is letting the rest of the house’s appearance down and reducing the amount of daylight. What can you do? That’s not something a local window cleaning services company would look after for you – is it?

Oh yes we do.

Our professional team will happily attend to the cleaning requirements of your conservatory roof, removing debris, dirt and grime and even dried in raindrops to ensure that your conservatory panes and roof look spotless from floor to ceiling. This only needs to be once a year but it will make a huge difference to the light quality and aesthetics.

You may be surprised to learn that we don’t limit our cleaning services to windowed rooms, we can also provide an annual visit to clean fascias, soffits and cladding.

Let’s be honest, when you pay such a price for home ownership then you should keep your investment in tip-top condition and that means a bit of good old fashioned tender loving care. We deliver this but we use state of the art professional tools so that we achieve results that a home owner wouldn’t be able to if they tried their hand at D.I.Y. cleaning.

A yearly gutter clean is a truly effective way of ensuring that gutters don’t become blocked and subsequently cause water damage to the house, just a few minutes care from us, as local experts, could save a lot of remedial work caused by heavy rain and leaf and mud clogged gutters.

We use vacuum cleaning equipment and telescopic poles from ground level and we remove all debris, no matter how small, plus this method ensures that there is no damage from heavy machinery, access issues or high expenditure, this is a cost effective measure and we pass the savings to our customers because we value your business.

As we also look after cladding, soffits and fascias and as a house is probably the largest investment in your life, we’ll help it to function at its optimum levels, sparkle brightly and, if you choose to sell your house and set up a new home, a good clean appearance is bound to have more kerb and viewing appeal.

We’re local so if you are based in south east Kent, including Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Thanet, Sandwich and Whitstable, simply call us or contact us online and we’ll be delighted to prepare competitive quotes for residential cleaning services for windows, conservatories, fascias, cladding and soffits.

Make your house sparkle and be the envy of the neighbourhood.