smear free windows

Not familiar with our method?

If you aren’t sure how we achieve our excellent results then please allow us to reveal our secret.

We’ve set aside the old method of ladder based window cleaning and adopted the W.F.P. system.

W.F.P. stands for water fed pole and for professional window cleaning services in residential or commercial properties there is no better way to clean externally to the optimum degree. This method isn’t used on the inside of windows, you’ll understand why as you read on.

How does W.F.P work?

W.F.P. systems allow the operative to remain on the ground at all times and the water used is purified and not standard tap water. Tap water leaves streaks and smears as it dries which delivers a less satisfactory result so by using purified water the risk of sediment, minerals and therefore smears is removed and the windows can be left to dry naturally with a 100% guarantee of clear panes.

Without getting too technical, by measuring the T.D.S. or total dissolved solids (minerals, ions, salt, metal) in the tap water we evaluate how to filter it in the water filtration system so that becomes pure.

We carry the water on board our vehicles so we always have a ready to use supply of purified water which is then pumped to one or more window cleaner’s telescopic poles via hosing.

These poles vary in size and length and have cleaning brushes attached to the end that work effectively on the residential or commercial property’s windows.

The scope for W.F.P window cleaning services is impressive; we offer cleaning from ground level up to around sixty feet. No ladder required.

After thorough cleaning using the W.F.P. system, which is normally a much faster method than via ladders, the windows don’t need to be dried by the operatives instead they can be left and because the best tools and system have been used there is no chance of streaks, spots or smears.

As this uses a pole, brush and water jet action it is unsuitable for interior use because it would drown the fixtures and fittings. This is its only limitation, otherwise it’s exemplary.

We are fully trained and experienced experts who use the W.F.P. system daily, even on rainy days it’s effective, and so we know that it delivers the results that clients love via a simple but efficient method.

There is a measure of technique and skill involved so we recommend that you don’t try to clean windows using a hose and brush, the results won’t be at all pleasing. Trust us, as professional window cleaning service providers, to make your windows sparkle.

Where do you clean?

We offer our window cleaning services around south east Kent and we’d be delighted to accommodate your requirements if you’re in these locations:

  • Canterbury
  • Faversham
  • Herne Bay
  • Whitstable
  • Thanet
  • Sandwich

Why not get in touch with us today and receive the best service in the area.

Are your children off school soon? Expecting some mess on the windows?

Smile! It’s that time of year again, the children are off school soon and you’ll have to keep them occupied for six weeks come rain or shine and with little people at home it’s inevitable that before too many school holiday hours have passed that your house will look like a toy store and that your windows will receive attention, yes, let’s call it that, from little hands, noses pressed to the glass, and the spoils of their creative pursuits. Who doesn’t want a glittery window?

There are a few options of how to contain your exasperation with finger printed, paint dotted, nose shaped spotted and smeared windows and conservatories.

  1. Ban children from wandering within a metre of any glass pane lest they smear, streak or mark the surface.
  2. Don’t let little ones out of your sight and run around after them like a mad parent who is desperate not to have to clean their window every half an hour, probably losing the will to live as the days pass.
  3. Allow some friendly, professional, willing window cleaning specialists to pop round and clean your windows interior (and exterior) to a wonderful finish. Who knows, the shine might even look so spectacular that the kids won’t want to touch it because it looks magical!
  4. Keep them outside rain or shine, that way the rain can wash prints off the exterior, the interior remains spotless and you don’t climb the walls assessing the streaks.
  5. Board up the windows and conservatory areas, who needs daylight and space anyway?
  6. Their grandparents love to see them, six weeks won’t be too long, will it?

If you didn’t choose number 3 then please go sit on the naughty step for ten minutes. We sympathise, but no, not allowed.

So, who are these willing professionals with magical window cleaning abilities?

That would be us. We are superheroes at making a house look more like a home and letting light pour in through spotless and smear free windows.

As professionals we act swiftly and banish all signs of where little people may have been on panes, we can’t guarantee that the kids won’t be back at the windows but you’ll be glad that you called us in to work on your interior and hopefully the exterior too.

It’s safer to call us in than to clean your windows yourself and we use specialist tools to ensure the best and brightest results, always at a reasonable and competitive price.

Sorry, we’d love to do it for free but our kids are demanding days out and that we let them eat their own body weight in ice cream sundaes during the holidays.

We cover south east Kent, that includes Canterbury, Faversham, Herne Bay, Thanet, Sandwich and Whitstable. So instead of tearing your hair out give us a quick call.

In the meantime, deep breath, stay strong, it’ll soon be school time again!